Design For Manufacturability

Gearbox Design For ManufacturabilityBarber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) and the Applied Research Laboratory (ARL) located at Pennsylvania State University applied Design for Manufacturability (DFM) principles to the U.S. Navy's Anti-Torpedo Torpedo (ATT) development project. ATT is a defensive torpedo that will track, actively engage, and disable an offensive torpedo before it can damage or sink a ship. BNI and ARL initially began working together on the ATT's advanced propulsion system and gearbox. Shortly thereafter, BNI proposed the entire torpedo design should be reviewed for manufacturability. The effort cut ATT production costs by 20 percent. The U.S. Navy is planning to manufacture the ATT for ten years and the additional funds spent on Design for Manufacturability will be fully recouped in the first year.

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