Barber-Nichols Featured In The April 2005 Issue of Aerospace Colorado

Barber-Nichols Featured In Aerospace COLORADOBarber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) is featured in the April 2005 issue of Aerospace COLORADO, published by the Colorado Space Coalition. Other organizations also featured in this issue included Lockheed Martin, MicroSat Systems, Ball Aerospace, and Starsys Research.  BNI was selected based on its industry leading work in the design and production of blowers, compressors, fans, pumps, and rocket engine turbopumps for a variety of space flight applications.  Colorado is the nation's fourth largest space economy and Barber-Nichols has been manufacturing astronautic hardware since 1985.

Space Flight Operations

BNI designs and produces hardware for electrical power generation, electronics cooling, environmental control, life support, and directional thrust on manned and unmanned spacecraft. Quality control is paramount and products are lightweight, reliable, and resistant to extreme temperatures.

Rocket Engine Turbopumps

Since 1996 BNI has designed and produced more new liquid rocket engine turbopumps than any other U.S. company. Innovative designs and the use of advanced materials drive the development process. As a result, turn-around time is quick and the final product is lightweight, reliable, and inexpensive.

Ground Support Operations

In addition to flight hardware, BNI designs and produces blowers, circulators, compressors, and pumps for ground support operations. Applications include launch vehicle fueling, propellant densification, thermal vacuum testing, and more.

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