Hydrogen Recirculation Compressors for Fuel Cells

Fuel cells are becoming more viable for stationary, automotive and aerospace applications and with the development of an efficient method for hydrogen production and distribution, fuel cells will become commonplace. Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) makes small, efficient, high-speed Hydrogen Recirculation Compressors. These compressors increase fuel cell efficiency by recirculating hydrogen that was not utilized when it passed through the fuel cell. BNI also produces turbines, air supply compressors, and cooling pumps for fuel cell applications and all these machines can be customized to meet the highest attainable efficiency goals.

Hydrogen Recirculation Compressor   Hydrogen Recirculation Compressors   Hydrogen Recirculation Compressor

In order to meet aggressive high-pressure/low-flow requirements, BNI's Hydrogen Recirculation Compressors are typically partial-emission configurations with high-speed brushless DC motors which can operate at speeds up to 50,000 rpm.  Additionally, automotive and aerospace models can be designed to resist high external temperatures, large shock loads and corrosion. BNI can also provide fully integrated Communication Area Network (CAN) controllers.

Communication Area Network (CAN) Controller   Hydrogen Recirculation Compressor
CAN Controller in a Model BNHP-35-000 Automotive Hydrogen Recirculation Compressor
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