Motor Controllers

Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) can provide either off-the-shelf motor controllers or clean-sheet designs for custom applications.  While our primary focus is high-speed, permanent magnet, brushless DC motors, BNI has experience with switched reluctance, induction, and custom electric motor control.  BNI motor controllers are ideally suited for active speed control of fans, compressors, pumps, and other turbomachinery.  High-speed motor controllers are a Barber-Nichols Inc. specialty.

Communication Area Network (CAN) Controller   Hydrogen Recirculation Compressor
CAN Motor Controller in a High-Speed Model BNHP-35-000 Hydrogen Recirculation Compressor

Motor Controller Features:

  • Flexible Speed Control and User Interface
    • Speed input and start-stop control via front panel
    • Speed control via 0-10V or 4-20mA input
    • Start-Stop and setpoint selection via switch inputs
    • Relay outputs for status or auxiliary control
    • Full status and control via CAN Bus or RS-232
    • Full status, control, and diagnostics via RS-232 or USB


  • Flexible Commutation and Phase Angle Control
    • Full sensorless operation
    • Hall input
    • One-per-revolution input
    • Encoder input


  • Closed-loop control on speed or user process variables
  • Automatic shutdown on controller and/or motor temperature(s)
  • Water / Process fluid cooling standard
  • 0-200,000+ rpm capability
  • 1W to 200+ kW power capability
  • Military-style connectors are standard
  • Customer-specified connectors on request
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