Heat Engines

As a natural extension of our turbomachinery offerings, Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) also specializes in the modeling, design and production of specialty heat engines.  Core technologies include:

Organic Rankine Cycles
Thermodynamic Cycle Consulting

Specialty means we offer a range of engineering services to assist developers in creating heat engine products, up to and including the fabrication of fully operating technology demonstrators "science projects." However, BNI does not offer commercial or turn-key heat engine products.

Heat Engine Schematic - Click To View
Heat Engine Schematic - Click To View

Selection of the best heat engine technology is driven by a variety of factors, most notably the heat source and cold sink temperatures followed by system thermal efficiency and system cost goals. As Barber-Nichols has experience with these factors and we can work with you to options and provide technology demonstrators up to 10 MW for organic rankine cycle applications and up to 50 MW for supercritical CO2 brayton cycle applications. Typical services include:

  • System Conceptual Design And Performance Predictions
  • System Preliminary Design Packages
  • Design And Fabrication Of Technology Demonstrator Systems
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