Computer Coolant Pumps

Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) has extensive experience designing pumps for a wide variety of applications including liquid and two-phase computer coolant pumps for high-heat flux semiconductor devices. Microprocessor advancements led to extremely high semiconductor heat concentrations and traditional forced air coolers and heat pipes struggle to provide satisfactory cooling without increased fan noise and large heat sinks. BNI developed several prototype metal and plastic computer coolant pumps that provide circulation for advanced liquid cooling applications.

BNI's computer coolant pumps are designed to maximize reliability while minimizing production costs. These pumps integrate a brushless DC motor into the impeller which eliminates the need for dynamic seals that can wear and leak. Pumps have been designed to operate in hermetic loops using water, ethylene glycol, propylene glycol, refrigerants, and even liquid metal. Barber-Nichols has the ability to design the pumping mechanism, electric motor, and control circuitry down to sub-Watt power levels. These pumps can also be utilized by microwave transmitter/receiver components that require high heat flux cooling solutions.

  Computer Coolant Pump
  Computer Coolant Pump
  Computer Coolant Pump Test Loop


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