Cryogenic Pumps

In 1974, the National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) contracted Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) to design and produce a cryogenic pump for liquid helium in their laboratory. This pump's performance exceeded NIST's expectations and BNI's entrance into the cryogenic industry began. Since that time, Barber-Nichols has developed turbomachinery for a myriad of cryogenic applications at temperatures down to 2.6 K and BNI's reputation as an international manufacturer of specialty cryogenic pumps, circulators, and compressors flourished. BNI incorporates both hermetic and low heat leak features into many of its cryogenic pumps which are crucial in such applications.

BNI has supplied cryogenic pumps for circulating helium for cooling magnets in superconductors, sub-cooled nitrogen in cables for high temperature superconductors, nitrogen for cooling crystals in synchrotron beamlines, argon for use in detectors on superconductors, hydrogen in rocket propellant densification systems, etc.  BNI has also produced Liquefied Natural Gas (LNG) pumps for filling trucks and high flow pumps that rapidly transfer Liquid Oxygen (LOX) to rockets prior to launch. Additionally, BNI has designed and built cryogenic argon and krypton pumps for CERN and LOX pumps for laser systems.

In addition to producing cryogenic pumps for helium, hydrogen, nitrogen and oxygen, BNI also produces pumps for argon, methane, krypton, LNG, neon and xenon. And when cryogens must be kept ultra clean, magnetic couplings can be used to hermetically isolate the cryogen from the motor and its bearings.

Please contact us to discuss your cryogenic pump requirements. BNI has more than a hundred existing models and can produce custom pumps specifically for your application.

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Cryogenic Pumps

Cryogenic Pump Brochure - Click To View
Cryogenic Pump Brochure
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