Fuel Cell Coolant Pumps

Fuel Cell Coolant PumpBarber-Nichols designs and produces custom cooling pumps for fuel cells used in aerospace or other specialty applications. These compact pumps are typically hermetically sealed with canned motors if the fluid cannot be in contact with the motor stator. The simple design philosophy usually incorporates the motor rotor and pump impeller on the same shaft with pumped fluid compatible bearings. The goal for customized designs is for maximum efficiecny and reliability in the smallest volume possible.

Features Include:

  • Variable Speed to Maximize Performance Range and Efficiency
  • Customized Controllers Integrated or Supplied Separately
  • Brushless DC at Specified Voltage or 400 Hz Options
  • Small and Lightweight
  • Process Fluid Lubricated Ball or Hydrodynamic Bearings
  • Customized Connections and Mounting
  • High Temperature Operation Designs Available
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