Barber-Nichols Inc. (BNI) routinely manages medium volume production programs for aerospace, commercial, defense, and SUBSAFE Level 1 products. Medium volume production (tens to hundreds of pieces annually) fills the gap between low rate initial production and high volume production which relieves the OEM from moving into production prematurely. And because different industries have different quality and cost targets, BNI is flexible and works with each customer to assign appropriate quality and project management controls.

Aerospace Programs
For medium volume production prgrams, production-oriented methods will be employed including the use of durable cast tooling, the application of statistical process controls to inspection functions, and the use of assembly cells to ensure the highest assembly efficiency and quality. All of these techniques have been successfully applied to a variety of programs from fans to pumps to generators. BNI can also offer transitioning services from BNI to the OEM or chosen high volume component supplier.

BNI is prepared to offer production and associated quality plans for projects with ISO9001 and AS9100 quality requirements.

Fan Production
Turbine Production
Nitrogen Circulator Production
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